lawn care


Following the dry and warm Autumn, we have had a dry winter. Because the roots of grass are seldom deeper than 3” this is not an immediate threat to grass condition. However, we have taken core samples as recently as January 2019 and found the soil to be very compacted and bone dry just a few inches under some lawns.

Moss build up has, as ever, been variable from lawn to lawn. Shade, thatch and soil compaction as usual being the culprits where moss has increased significantly during the winter months. This winter Moss has had an easy time colonising areas of lawn that did not make strong recovery from the summer drought and heatwave of 2018.

Some lawns do have areas of permanent damage where the grass did die from lack of moisture. These will need raking out and seeding (please see restoration and repair)

In the majority of gardens, any areas of weakened Grass and increased Moss will start to correct once the Grass growing season begins and the Moss starts to dry out and shrink back. Our Spring treatment will help this process as will ensuring that mowing heights are kept high.