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About us

There are a lot of lawn treatment companies these days, so it does make sense to choose carefully. The marketplace includes operators of all sizes. From big franchised chains to the `man in a van` sole trader types.

Grasshopper is an independent regional business, wholly owned by its directors all of whom work full time in the business. We started in 2002 and have grown steadily since then, we have been lucky enough to employ some truly excellent people along the way and have spent time, money and effort training apprentices from scratch.

The total number of years spent in the Lawn Treatment / Turf Management business by our staff, will shortly pass the collective 100-year mark!

From the outset our goal was to provide a quality service at a sensible price. Key to that has been employing the best staff available and using the best raw materials and equipment on the market, and always utilising them to best effect, with a horticulturally correct and disciplined set of working practices.

We are not perfect, but we do our best every day, to try to be. Ultimately your experience of whichever Lawn Treatment service you use, will be largely down to the individual groundsman who attends your property. His / Her performance will depend on training, experience, equipment, materials focus and attitude. We are fortunate and proud to have a strong team spirit among our grounds staff, they take pride in their work and understand that we only thrive by being a customer focused business.