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About us

For all the same reasons that Home owners do: they want their properties to look great! 
But increasingly we are hearing that their need to comply with the rules set by  Health and Safety Executive – Chemical Regulation Division are also a consideration


For many years we have been grateful to count a number of commercial properties as regular clients. Increasingly we are taking on work that used to be done by casual employees / general gardener type contractors and in-house maintenance teams.

Not only do we do a better and highly cost-effective job, but the premises owners and managers also get peace of mind that all the relevant rules and attendant paperwork are being properly implemented. They know they are not taking any risks with their obligations regarding chemical use, public safety and record keeping.

Crucially, they have peace of mind that they are not accidentally voiding any elements of their insurance.
Best of all, their Grass Areas and Lawns start to look great, providing a pleasant experience and positive impression to all who visit their facilities. 

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