Linton Lawncare


Along with moss, weeds are the greatest problem in lawns. We use professional products to control even the most stubborn weeds, with up to 3 applications per year.  All our weedkillers are ‘non-residual’ meaning there is no toxin build up in the soil.
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Moss thrives in shade, areas of poor nutrition, waterlogging, compaction and very close mowing. Effective control requires a combination of mechanical and chemical applications.  Our very important winter treatment is aimed directly at moss control.
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To keep a lawn in good condition it is almost certain that a sensible application of well balanced fertiliser is required.  At Grasshopper we use the most modern materials available to ensure effective and safe application at all times of year, without resorting to excessive use of nitrogen.
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Cultural Treatments

The removal of surface thatch with Lawn Scarification, and the use of Lawn Aeration to reduce soil compaction and sub surface thatch, are integral elements of Lawn maintenance.
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Soil Conditioning

Organic matter, Minerals and Plant extracts play a valuable and sustainable part in improving conditions for grass health and appearance.
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Linton Lawncare

Linton and its surrounding area contains a diverse range of `lawn habitats` the many newer built properties tend to have special challenges due to the predominance of shallow topsoil layers often directly above boulder clay.

Over time this less than ideal environment for grass can be improved with frequent aeration and top dressing. Lawns in Linton itself are often hit fairly hard and early with dry conditions in the summer months but if mowing is done considerately (i.e. less often and with higher blades) recovery tends to be strong.

Our clients in the Linton area are as diverse as the area itself and include many lawns which would be the envy of even the most critical gardener