Organic Treatments
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Organic Treatments

The word `Organic` has some confusing definitions.

For the sake of clarity, when we describe a lawn treatment as Organic, we mean that it is of Biological origin or indeed that it also has a Biological method of action and works without the back up of factory produced chemicals. We also mean that the Carbon compounds contained in the product are naturally occurring, are not blended with manmade chemicals, have zero toxicity to anything else in the environment and have specific benefit to the health of your lawn.

Organic Lawn Treatments come in a huge spectrum. A bag of dried chicken manure would be an Organic fertiliser, albeit very crude and unpleasant to live with. The best Organic treatments are far more sophisticated and work by delivering huge concentrations of friendly bacteria, enzymes and microorganisms, soil improving carbons and bio stimulants. These can be targeted to do different jobs. They tend to come in dry, odourless, granulated form but can also be formulated into highly concentrated liquids for application as a spray.

In the Spring, a granular formula which eats residual moss and thatch, recycling it as nutrition for the grass is popular and effective.

In the Autumn, a different granular product with the same delivery mechanism can be deployed to improve soil function & fertility to boost late season drought recovery.

Going Organic has cost implications. The products are expensive, and the application rates are high. Being natural, they work at natures pace and are not for the impatient. They are gaining in popularity among our customers which is exciting, we will continue to ensure we offer an expanding range of Organic solutions.

Is it safer to have Organic treatments?
We do not use any of our non-organic, traditional lawn treatment products in ways which would be detrimental to the environment, people, pets or wildlife. The products we do use are extensively tested and licensed. We are also licensed to use them. Going for Organic options is not in our opinion a decision that can be made on the grounds of safety, but something you might choose if you want to concentrate on boosting or maintaining the health of your lawn in a very natural way.

Are there Organic weed killers? No, sadly there are none that work reliably or that can be applied without a gigantic amount of labour. Painting individual weed leaves would be very expensive indeed and most disappointing if the result were patchy and short lived.

Our Early Winter Treatment:  Organic in origin and in its method of action. As far as we know no other lawn treatment business is regularly using this type of treatment to boost root to leaf grass health, while augmenting soil biology and structure. We are happy to be leading the way, while doing it at an unbeatable price inside our regular treatment plan.