lawn care


The following costs are inclusive of all labour, materials and VAT and apply to grasshopper Lawncare Regular Treatments (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). `Ball park` figures which include vat, labour & materials.

Seasonal Treatments £ cost per visit Lawn size in square M Comment area description
£15 50 -
£20 80 Typical new build size
£25 130 -
£30 170 Large new build garden
£40 240 Typical sub-urban garden
£75 560 Tennis court - Plus average surround
£120 1000 -

For treatment of larger areas please contact us for pricing information.

Aeration and Scarification

For these mechanical treatments our prices are broadly based on a multiple of regular treatment charges. Scarification is generally the regular treatment charge multiplied by three. Lawn Aeration is generally the Regular Treatment charge multiplied by two.

Soil conditioning 

Typically twice the seasonal treatment price 
For our other services such as Top Dressing and Overseeding we can provide individual quotations on request.

Payment Methods

  • Cash or cheque on the day
  • Cheque by post
  • Electronic payment – via internet or telephone banking
  • We do not accept credit/debit cards
  • Payments are due within two weeks of invoice date
  • Direct debit available with full service plan.