lawn care


All price guides include labour, materials & VAT. There are no hidden extras.

Seasonal Treatments £ cost per visitLawn size in square MComment area description
£21 50 -
£28 80 Typical new build size
£35 130 -
£42 170 Large new build garden
£53 240 Typical sub-urban garden
£89 560 Tennis court - Plus average surround

For treatment of larger areas please contact us for pricing information.

Aeration and Scarification

For these mechanical treatments, our prices are broadly based on a multiple of a regular essential’s treatment charges. Scarification is generally the regular treatment charge multiplied by 3.5. Lawn Aeration is generally the Regular Treatment charge multiplied by 2.

Overseeding after scarification is 2 times the price of a regular essential’s treatment. This is nothing short of incredible value. It adds new life and vigour to tired and old grass. Grass seed is prone to price swings and we may need to adjust our over seeding price at short notice, but we will never do this after a booking has been confirmed.

Soil conditioning 

The fourth treatment in our `Regular `Essentials` programme contains a powerful mixture of soil augmenting compounds as well as bio stimulants. We do not think anybody else includes this in their standard treatment plans, let alone at a standard treatment price! It is fantastic value.

However, if your lawn is situated on particularly inhospitable soil, additional work may be required to achieve a sustainable environment in which it can survive long term. This may be a simple addition of Gypsum granules to regular Aeration treatments – or it may be a Gypsum based granule carrying several useful additives. The latter is normally our recommendation and pricing is normally double that of a regular `essential` treatment.

The number of methods available to improve soil structure and fertility continues to grow, we are always happy to talk about the pros, cons and pricing of each option. For example, Liquid and granulated (odourless) composts and `Tea` composts are gaining a dedicated following in the sports turf sector.

Organic treatments: As a replacement for Spring or Autumn traditional fertilisers will double our standard charge for those seasonal elements of our regular essentials programme.

Summer Aid treatment: Double the standard charge for a regular essential treatment.

Payment Methods

  • Cash or cheque on the day
  • Cheque by post
  • Electronic payment – via internet or telephone banking
  • We do not accept credit/debit cards.
  • Payments are due within two weeks of invoice date.
  • Direct debit available for 'The regular essentials' / `The regular essentials + Aeration`