Problem Soils
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Problem Soils

Many homes have soil under their lawns which do not respond particularly well to treatment with fertiliser and the soil itself is inhospitable to grass.

Typically, we find this problem in New Build property, and in coastal areas. It is less likely to be a feature of established gardens on inland sites.

This is a large topic, but for the sake of simplicity it is best described at a lack of organic matter in the soil, and a low soil PH (Acidic Soil) combined with inadequate air gaps and elevated levels of compaction. These are the types of soils that go from squelchy and waterlogged to rock hard and bone dry almost overnight.

The latest generation of soil conditioning products provide the opportunity to put the soil under your lawn on a programme of substantial improvement. The best of these products come in granular form and are made up of natural Organic and Mineral material. They dissolve and work through the root zone of the grass, promoting lasting improvements.

Combining Soil conditioning with Lawn Aeration is proving to be particularly effective. The use of soil conditioning products is sadly not a `one off` job. Results tend to build with repetition, but the cost is relatively low and they are an extremely sensible item to add to your lawn maintenance programme if your lawn is of the type which needs help below ground level, in the soil.