How our service works
how lawncare works

How our service works

Practicalities and plain English small print

The Regular Essentials

Our quoted cost `per treatment` includes VAT and is our charge for each of the elements in the Regular Essentials programme. We do not offer partial programmes; price is quoted on the basis customers intend to take the full cycle of treatments.

Optional Extra treatments

To arrange any items of work outside the standard Regular Essentials programme you will need to make a specific booking. Typically, we will recommend and quote prices for items that will benefit your lawn two to three months before the optimal delivery period. If you make a booking, we will add your lawn to the relevant job list and contact you to make a date as the work period approaches.

Treatment pricing

If we need to change the price of visits in your Regular Essentials programme, we will include the new price on the treatment date reminder from which the new price will take effect. Normally treatment date reminders do not mention price, indicating that there is no change.

Prices for Optional Extra work do not change between the time of quotation and the next calendar period of delivery.


We do not ask customers to sign a contract, we will assume the treatment cycle rolls on from year to year unless we are told to stop. Over half our customers have been with us on that basis for over a decade & many for two decades. If you need to cancel, you can at any point, but it should be noted and understood that good lawn maintenance is an ongoing process.

Lawn Access

Our prices are quoted on the basis that we can work in your garden without you needing to be in. More than three quarters of our work happens when customers are not at home. Due to the weather dependant nature of our work, we cannot make intraday `time slot` predictions for specific jobs.

Invoices are due for payment within 14 days: We like to be paid by BACS / internet banking. Our invoices have our bank details and your customer reference number which we ask you to use with payments. If necessary, we do accept cheques by post or cheques and cash in person.

Treatment Dates

We will never turn up out of the blue! Each invoice for treatments in the Regular Essentials programme will tell you the date of the next appointment. A week to 10 days before the appointment falls due, we will send you a reminder.

Appointment dates for booked Optional Extra work will be made separately before the work is done.

Treatment dates and mowing

For the Spring, Summer & Autumn treatments it is best NOT to mow during the 2 or ideally 3 days each side of our visit. For the Early and Late Winter treatments avoiding the24 hours either side is sufficient.

If you need to change an appointment date please give us at least 2 weeks warning, this makes it much more likely we can a) find you a suitable alternative date, b) achieve that without absorbing undue extra mileage and time costs in delivering your service.


The office is open Monday – Friday except bank Holidays, it is rare that we do not answer a telephone or email query within an hour or two, except during our summer staff holiday shut down and during the Christmas break.

Post & email

If you use email, we prefer to send your invoices and appointment reminders that way. If you do not use email, we will leave paper invoices when we have completed jobs & we will send appointment reminder postcards via Royal Mail.

Service Calls

If your lawn suffers a sudden deterioration in condition, please let us know. Very often we can identify the issue from photos, but if we cannot, we will schedule a service inspection. Most problems are mowing, or weather related (lack of soil hydration) but occasionally it will be something else which may need extra attention.