Thatch and Scarification
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Thatch and Scarification


Thatch in a lawn is best described as a layer of dead organic matter situated above the soil and usually below the level at which the blades of grass grow.  Thatch naturally builds up over time in the base of the lawn and is generally comprised of a mixture of inactive moss, dead/fallen grasses and even some foreign grass matter.

Some thatch is a good thing as it prevents healthy grass from being damaged or bruised by the passing of feet and mowers, etc.. However too much thatch is a very bad thing as it restricts the passage of air, moisture and nutrients to the grass and forms a very hospitable habitat for the moss to colonise.


Mechanical scarification is the best way to greatly reduce surface thatch and hence the problems it causes. Grasshopper Lawncare use powerful petrol driven machines to do this, and we always scarify in two directions to maximize thatch removal.

Typically we scarify in the late Summer/early Autumn (mid August to mid September). This allows the lawn time to recover and renew itself prior to the onset of Autumn proper and the peak season of moss sporing and germination.

If your lawn would benefit from scarification we will let you know well in advance of the treatment season and you can consider your requirements. We can also scarify in late Winter prior to the period of Spring growth and renewal.