Treatment Plans
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Treatment Plans

Our approach to each customers lawn has many subtle variations. The type of weed control and fertiliser used in each visit depends on the condition of the lawn and its requirements.

There are however many common elements and seasonal timings which remain constant.

We have two treatment plans, designed to meet the needs of our customers and allow choice as to what level of service they require.

Basic Service:

A simple Pay as You Go routine of four regular seasonal visits per year. These are the backbone of any lawn treatment programme and are a solid foundation.

Customers opting for the Basic service are not restricted to only having the four seasonal treatments. They can add other services as they wish, for completion at the horticulturally appropriate time of year. These often need to be booked well in advance and are invoiced for on the day they are completed.

Full Service Plan:

This is for customers who wish to give their lawns the very best of year-round care. Included in the full-service plan are the four regular seasonal treatments and the full spectrum of cultural improvements, Lawn Scarification, Lawn Aeration and Soil Conditioning. There is no need to remember to add services to this plan.

Whichever level of service you choose, you can be assured of our thorough and well organised approach. All our treatment appointments are scheduled well in advance and courtesy reminders sent out just before they fall due. We never turn up out of the blue or fail to turn up. If the weather is making work impossible or unsafe we contact our customers immediately, explain the situation and arrange an alternative date.

Full-service plan customers enjoy the extra benefits of a simple monthly payment plan, priority bookings for all cultural improvement treatments as well as a 10% discount. It is quick and easy to set up via email for both existing customers and new customers.

Please see the example and graphic below.


  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
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  • Dec
  • Total
Basic Service


  • -
  • Lawn Aeration £60
  • -
  • Spring Treatment £30
  • -
  • Summer Treatment £30
  • -
  • Lawn Scarification £90
  • -
  • Autumn Treatment £30
  • Soil Conditioner £60
  • Winter Treatment £30
  • £330
Full Service


  • £25
  • Lawn Aeration £25
  • £25
  • Spring Treatment £25
  • £25
  • Summer Treatment £25
  • £25
  • Lawn Scarification £25
  • £25
  • Autumn Treatment £25
  • Soil Conditioner £25
  • Winter Treatment £25
  • £300

Basic Service Treatments / Optional Additions Example Only - treatment timings may vary.



Long lasting, cool start, well balanced feed. Crucial for a healthy start to the growing season. Broad leaf weed control where required.


Slow release summer fertiliser and primary weed control.


Autumn fertiliser for summer recovery and winter preparation, weed control where required.


Moss control and turf hardener.



Reduction of soil compaction and thatch, via either Hollow Tine Aeration or Fracture Tine Aeration.

Soil Conditioning

Organic and mineral treatments targeted to gently improve soil structure and health.


Removal/Reduction of surface thatch.