lawn care


We have many different types of weedkiller in our stores, ensuring that each time we visit your lawn we are equipped with the right product for the job. The type of weedkiller we use on any given visit will depend on the season, temperature and the types of weeds in your lawn. All the weedkillers we use are ‘non residual’ meaning there is no build up of toxin in the soil.  And, all allow normal use of the grass by children and pets as soon as the application has dried. This is almost always within a couple of hours of application.

Weeds are good at colonising almost any area, many of them have seeds which blow about in the wind or are transported for them by birds. This makes them very efficient plants, and is why we like to have three opportunities a year to treat them. We always use weedkillers in liquid form, which we apply with spraying equipment. Most commonly we use knapsack sprayers where the spray nozzle is very close to the ground. This ensures that we can spray very accurately around areas such as flower beds.

Grasshopper Lawncare applies weedkiller to lawns as part of the first three visits of the year, during the Spring, Early Summer and Autumn Treatments. We try to kill every weed on each visit, but this is seldom a completely realistic goal. However, if we fail to kill more than 65% of the weeds present in your lawn at the time of spraying, we will spray it again without quibble or charge.

It can take as long as two weeks before it is completely clear how successful any weed control application has been, and some of the larger and more fibrous weeds will take even longer to disappear completely. But, in a relatively short space of time we can transform even the most weed infested areas back into a healthy lawn. Nothing gives us more pleasure than returning for a second visit to a lawn seeing recently fed and improving grass beginning to grow back in areas previously dominated by weeds.